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Networking is about making connections, developing relationships as well as sharing and gaining information. The aim of the Aalto University MBA Association is to form a dynamic network of like-minded individuals that can meet at organized events for professional development, to gain ideas and to facilitate meeting people.

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Our Purpose

The primary purpose of the Association is to fosterĀ and maintain high level managerial competenceĀ of its members.

In addition to the above, the purpose of the Association is to also act as a bond between the MBA and executive MBA graduates and students of Aalto University and its predecessors, the Helsinki School of Economics and the Helsinki University of Technology.

The Association also strives to advance the competitiveness of its members in the labour market.

To carry out its purpose, the Association:

  • Strives to advance the profile of MBA and Executive MBA degrees
  • Organizes professionally useful corporate visits, seminars, training, briefings and discussion sessions
  • Awards scholarships and grants
  • Maintains contacts with opinion leaders in the business community and associations
  • [will] publishes articles

In addition to supporting the cohesion and networking of its members, the Association may also organize social and festive celebrations.

To financially support its operations, the Association may organize fundraising, collect membership fees, and accept donations and testamentary gifts. If required, the Association shall/may obtain the necessary authorizations to do this.

Become a member

Become a member

Latest News

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hasan & partners company visit on April 7th, 2022

Aalto University MBA Association and hasan & partners are pleased and excited to invite all alumni members to a live company visit to hasan & partners. The event invitation and registration link has been sent to the membership by e-mail. Topic of the event:...

Support Ukraine’s university students

Aalto University is supporting university students from Ukraine by offering at least 40 students a place to study at Aalto free of charge. By donating, you can help students cover their living costs during their studies in Finland. You can donate here:...