What it takes to be a board member?

Holding a Board Member position is an honour and a privilege. This is a position of trust and should  be considered an extension of your professional life. With this position comes both responsibility and obligation, set forth below.

MBA Association Board members and Officers should:

  • Represent the Association at the highest level of professionalism at all times
  • Be active members of the business community
  • Be committed to the development of the Association in accordance with the stated goals and objectives
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic about the Association and the benefits it offers its members and potential members
  • Be team players
  • Have strong communication and networking skills
  • Be available to attend a monthly meeting in Helsinki of approx 90 minutes in duration
  • Be available to take a leadership role in organizing an event or participating in one committee each year, for example
    • Committees include membership development, finding sponsors, taking responsibility for social media or our web site or speak on behalf of the Association to prospective or current MBA students

What is asked of you?

  • Organizing an event such as a company visit requires 5-10 hours for organization and follow up
  • Major events such as the Gala need a commitment of many hours (20-40 hours)
  • Continuity is also important for the Board to be effective. It is not mandatory but it is highly appreciated if a Board Member can serve more than one term.