Benefits of membership

As a member of the Association, you will receive benefits including the right to vote at General Meetings including the Annual General Meeting and priority registration for events. All alumni are welcome to freely join our Linkedin and Facebook groups and participate in virtual discussions as well as give input to the Board through these channels.

  • Opportunities to develop your professional network
  • First priority for registration for all events
    non-member Alumni and students are welcome to attend when/if seating is available
  • Discounted fees for events
  • Voting right at General meetings
  • Join sub-committees to help organize events
  • Run for a Board position


What it takes to be a board member? Holding a Board Member position is an honour and a privilege. This is a position of trust and should not be considered a hobby but an extension of your professional life. Read More

Becoming a new member

All students and graduates of the Aalto University MBA and eMBA programs* are welcome to join the Aalto University MBA Association. Every year, the Board of the Association organizes several Corporate visits, and other networking and social events. To join, please fill in the membership application. The annual general meeting confirmed for 2020 the membership fee remains at 40 €, and for student members, the membership is free for up to 2 years after which the standard membership fee shall apply. The lifetime membership fee is 400 €, if you are interested in it, please take contact by e-mail.

Account holder: Aalto University MBA Alumni Association ry

Account number: FI 2814 0030 0011 1128

*Graduates of Aalto University MBA programs include graduates of the Helsinki School of Economics (HSE) and Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) MBA and eMBA programs.

Board & Contacts

2023/24 Aalto University MBA Association Board

Chair: Kullah Anderson, HSE 1993
Vice Chair: Tarvo Viita-aho, TKK 1999
Secretary: Olga Marjasova, Aalto 2019
Treasurer: Antti Heiskanen, Aalto 2012
Sankalp Ahuja, HSE 2004