MBAs from the HSE/Aalto MBA Association recently had the opportunity to engage with a Jolla leader, Stefano Mosconi​.

Stefano’s presentation centered on purpose, “Building Jolla: The importance of Purpose”.

In his presentation he took us – retrospectively – through the process that led to Jolla identifying its purpose. And, while he did not have a formula for doing this from A to Z, he did challenge the attendees to look inside themselves for their purpose. He further challenged the attendees to check in and question the purpose of the companies for which each of us work, respectively.

Questions arose regarding purpose vis-a-vis mission, vision and values, as well as one’s personal purpose, and the process for identifying or defining one’s or one’s company’s purpose.

Finally, Stefano provided some hints regarding purpose in the form of some authors and speakers:

* Simon Sinek,

* Daniel Pink, auther of “Drive”,

* Daniel Kahneman, author of “Thinking, Fast and Slow”,




On behalf of Stefano, thanks to all who attended!